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P.I. Home Inspection Services "Inspection Agreement"  

P.I. Home Inspection Services "Mold Testing Agreement"


"Mold"- Tips for a Mold free home.

What is Radon and how does it affect you"- Helpful Radon Gas information.


"Consumer Product Safety Commission"- Check for product recalls.

"Instructions for subscribing to the CPSC's automatic e-mail recall notices"- Highly recommended.

"Be Safe while selling your home"- Good tips to follow when selling your home.

"Fourteen steps to help reduce your chances of Identity Theft"- Your identity could be at risk!

Buyers Tips:

"Six top benefits of owning your own home"- Home ownership is a great reward.

"Ten biggest home buying mistakes"- Don't let your dream become a nightmare!

"When the inspection revels areas that need to be further evaluated and they aren't"- Often a big mistake buyers make.

"New home or Used home which is right for you"- Great information for those that need it.

"Is that going to Last"- You need to know the life expectancies for various components of the home in order to budget.

"When to say NO"- Lets face it, sometimes the dream home isn't such a dream home.

"Walk through Check List"- On your final walk through this will come in handy.

Sellers Tips:

"Disclosure"- Good article on why disclosure is so important. Be honest!

"Return on home improvement"- OK you remodeled your home. Now are you going to get your money back?

"Remodel or Move"- In this day in age people are often wondering which is best.

"Ten must fix areas of your home"- Defiantly will help you sell your home.

Home Tips:

"Ten most common Do-It-Yourself mistakes"- Don't be afraid to hire a professional. It's worth it!

"Seventeen ways to Save Energy"- Lets all learn to consume less energy.

"Pipe Corrosion"- What does it mean?

"Seasonal Maintenance Tips"- A helping hand in maintenance.

"Spring Tips"- Pretty self explanatory.

"Wired for Trouble"- Know when there could be trouble.

"Illegal Bedroom"- Never forget about safety.